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I used to have long-ish lovely locks in my 20s and 30s. Hit 40 and my hair has started to thin, it is easily damaged, extremely dry, prone to breakages, and just won’t grow… you name it, I have it. I have tried everything from hair masks to really expensive shampoos, conditioners and treatments but nothing has worked.

That was until I tried Philip Kingsley’s PK4 Soya Protein Boost Supplements.

What are they?
Philip Kinglsey says that PK4 Soya Protein Boost is a soya protein nutritional supplement fortified with amino acids; the building blocks of hair. Protein is essential to optimum hair growth and hair quality. PK4 provides hair follicles with a concentrated protein boost and is especially helpful for those with a low-protein diet.

My review
I started using the tablets 6 months ago. Before I started the tablets I did get a good hair cut. I hate getting my hair cut but I needed to start fresh so getting rid of split ends was a must-do, even though it pained me to go short.

The supplements are not an overnight miracle, you have to take two capsules, twice a day, (I keep mine by my bed so I don’t forget to take them) and it did take a good 5-6 weeks to see the difference, well it did me anyway. Along with the supplements I also upped my intake of protein-rich foods especially eggs which did contribute to better hair health. My hair started to get stronger and I saw fewer breakages which was great. My hair is naturally curly, and it was thinning. The tablets helped to get my hair thicker and it looks more volumised so I could start to embrace my curls rather than having to constantly straighten them out.

I also changed my hairdryer to a Dyson Airwrap. It was an expensive switch but I was so depressed with how my hair looked, I was willing to try anything. The Dyson is definitely less intense in terms of heat and it does get your hair drier quicker.

I am now on my second batch of supplements and my hair is starting to grow. Not as quickly as I’d hoped but overall it has definitely contributed to better hair health so I highly recommend these.

Do you have any tips for thinning hair?


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