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Eye creams

One of my biggest beauty dilemmas is dark circles so I’m always on the hunt for a powerful eye cream that will make me look like I’ve had 10 hours of sleep and not binge-watched Netflix all night.

So, if you’re looking to target fine lines, get rid of dark circles, reduce puffiness and give the under-eye area a little love then take a look at my run-down of the best eye creams that are powered by natural ingredients and a whole load of science to deliver real results.

BEST FOR reducing puffiness and sensitive skinCetuem SCR Gold Eye Cream & SCR Gold Eye Cleanser
So a few weeks back I woke up to really puffy, itchy eyes. Still to this day I have no idea what caused it. I was dubious to put anything on my eyes but I looked to Cetuem as my skincare saviour. I’d heard about it a while back and read about in Vogue, and when the brand was a winner in the Harpers Bazaar Beauty Awards.

I used the SCR Gold Cleanser which is a lightweight, silky-esque, multi-purpose gel formula that glides onto the skin effortlessly and the cooling texture instantly calmed and soothed my delicate eye area. I highly recommend it if you have sensitive skin especially redness as the cooling effect delivers instant relief. The formula is enriched with plant marine extracts, seaweed, collagen and cell renewal properties so it also targets your most common skincare concerns like fine lines and wrinkles. This isn’t just any cleanser, it’s a super cleanser that also removes all traces of makeup while the formula works hard to nourish, strengthen and protect lashes and brows which is essential especially as we age and lashes and brows start to become sparse.

Next, I went in with the SCR Gold Eye Cream Oxygen Complex. Like the SCR Gold Cleanser, the eye cream is packed full of skin-loving ingredients including plant marine extracts, ceramide oil, vitamins and antioxidants that combat dark circles, puffiness and fine lines while providing intense hydration and nourishment. Literally love this powerful eye duo. It’s a definite must-try and I have teamed up with TJC Shopping Channel to bring you a great deal. Simply click below to get this duo for just £24.99. AND, enter the code SARAHS20 to receive an amazing extra 20% OFF.
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Best for targeting fine lines & wrinkles – Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Cream Duo
Like Cetuem, Elemis is also renowned for creating products powered by nature and marine extracts and we’re all fans of the award-winning Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. I’ve been a huge fan of Elemis for years now and the two skincare heroes that are on top of my ‘it-list’ is the Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Cream Duo.

The day eye cream is a cooling balm that targets puffiness and dark circles while the night cream which is richer in texture works hard throughout the night to provide intense hydration to target fine lines and wrinkles. Use them together and these powerful partners are the perfect solution for revealing a significantly smoother eye contour.

The Elemis Ultra Smart range was voted ‘Best for Mature Skin in 2020’ in the Vogue Beauty awards 2020.
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Best for mature skin Award-winning Gaylia Kristensen Intensive Eye Lift Serum 
An incredible brand that I adore, it’s incredible for mature skin and I highly recommend the Intensive EYE LIFT Serum for refreshed, revitalised and a lot more re-energised under eye area. The effective, naturally derived, topical is an alternative to Botulinum Toxin and injections and has a revolutionary poly peptide Youth Complex that combats expression lines, wrinkles, deep frown lines, furrows, crow’s feet, puffy eye bags, dark circles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity and dryness.

EYE LIFT contours and re-sculpts the skin around the delicate eye area, giving you dramatically fresher-looking eyes in just 30 days. The appearance of expression lines and wrinkles can be reduced by up to 63%.

The super-lightweight formula is fast-absorbent and if you use this for 30 days, the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles can be reduced by up to a whopping 63%. 
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Best for dark circles Murad Vitamin C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector
So, dark circles as you know are my biggest beauty dilemma and when Murad launched this Vitamin C Dark Circle Corrector, I was beyond thrilled. I had the pleasure of interviewing THE actual Dr. Murad a good few years back and it was a highlight of my career. I love everything about this brand simply because it’s made by a leading dermatologist that really understands the needs of your skin.

Anyway, as well as being created by a famed doctor, the fact that this eye cream is infused with Vitamin C gets a huge thumbs up by me. Vitamin C is an amazing ingredient as it brightens the skin. I drink a lemon-infused water drink every day and my skin has never looked so radiant.

Anyway, back to this wonder-eye cream, it helps to protect the eye area from aging UVA/UVB rays, the Shorea Stenoptera Butter and Avocado Oil conditions and hydrates for a smoother under-eye area, the caffeine and Retinol reduces puffiness while supporting skin renewal and the best bit…Light diffusers soften the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Shop now


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