Tried and tested review with Bouclème haircare brand, made for curly hair girls that want re-defined, frizz-free natural curls


I have naturally curly hair and it’s only at 44 years young that I have started to embrace them thanks to Bouclème Haircare range. Why? Because they are such hard work – truly unruly, massively frizzy and lacking in style. I was so envious of those with curly hair friends or even passers-by that carried them off perfectly.

Anyway, I was so obsessed with straightening my curls all these years that my hair became horribly dry and damaged from root-to-tip so even if I wanted to wear curls, it just wasn’t going happen thanks to the excessive heat that turned it into a frizz-bomb. -(lesson learnt, don’t use too much heat- EVER).

A couple of months ago I posted a pic of my naturally curly hair and was bombarded by messages on how good I looked with curls – even though they were frizzy. Then  Bouclème, came to my rescue. BFF to the all curly hair friends,  Bouclème has a range of natural products that are silicone, sulphate and paraben-free. Each product is packed with high-performance actives to care for each type of curl type ranging from loose, medium to tight by getting to the core of curly hair problems – lack of moisture. Each product is packed full of hair-loving ingredients that are kind on your tresses while packing a punch when it comes to giving it a moisture boost to help strengthen the cuticles from the inside. We’re talking Aloe Vera Leaf extract, Agran Oil and Coconut Oil to name just a few – here’s a list of the full ingredients and what they do.

I was given the 30 Days Waves Kit which helped me to achieve healthier, shinier and defined waves but more importantly manageable waves.

Within your 30 Days to Waves kit you will find…

  • Hydrating Hair Cleanser 300ml
  • Curl Conditioner 300ml
  • Super Hold Styler 250ml
  • Curl Defining Gel 300ml

Find out more about the 30 day challenge.

Plus, within the kit, you get a helpful step by step guide which takes you through what products to use and when. And a little journal so you can see your journey to better curls week by week – super cute touch!

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