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A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting master perfumer Roja Dove at a Fragrance Foundation event. Roja, joined Guerlain in 1981 as a perfumer before creating his own line of luxury fragrances that are showcased in Harrods. Roja is hypnotic when he talks about fragrances, here’s what I learnt about where the best places are to spray fragrances… and some places are not as obvious as you think.

Roja Dove, Master Perfumer

Firstly, there are two things to remember about fragrances:
1) Don’t rub perfume together, this breaks up the molecules and makes the scent smell weaker.
2) Layer your fragrance with matching oils and moisturisers to lock down the scent so it lasts longer.

Where to spray…

Your hair can be better for perfume than your skin as it latches onto the strands and creates a more long-lasting effect. However, spritzing directly can dry out your hair so spray onto a brush so it spreads delicately and evenly.

Known as a ‘pulse point’, the wrist area will amplify your scent. And, if you’re anything like me, and use your hands a lot when talking or expressing yourself, give the back of your hand a bit of a spritz too.

Behind the ears
Another “pulse point”, the area behind the ears is where your veins are closest to your skin (and therefore warmer), this will help to enhance your scent.

Inside your elbows
The inside of your elbows might not be an obvious place but it is yet another ‘pulse point.

Décolletage & collarbone
Spray onto your décolletage and collarbone. Spraying these areas makes the scent last longer and is a great option if your skin is prone to irritation on the upper half of your neck.

Behind the knees
Behind your knees is another area with your veins close to the skin. Remember heat rises so when you apply to the lower half of your body the scent will continue to rise and last longer throughout the day.

Fragrances latch onto the fibres so spray onto clothes, coats and scarves. Make sure they’re dark as the oils tend to stain lighter clothes. If clothes are lighter spray onto hems and lining.

Do you have any fragrance tips?

Main Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash


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