The ultimate beauty Christmas gift guide for skincare and haircare lovers


This Christmas, the Beauty Agenteurs is going to give you a rundown of the best beauty gift ideas to suit every personality and budget.

For luxury skincare lovers
We all love a bot of indulgence especially over Christmas and after the year we’ve all had, there’s no better time to spoil a special loved one with a luxury skincare gift idea.

Award-winning Australian skincare brand Gaylia Kristensen is powered by highly effective natural ingredients and a whole load of science to deliver botox-inspired results. Receiving the gift of Gaylia Kristensen with its luxurious formulas and amazing packaging makes gift-giving all the more special.
From left to right: Gaylia Kristensen Utopia Serum £165, Gaylia Kristensen Dream Cream £149, Gaylia Kristensen Intensive Eye Lift Serum £129

Menopause can play havoc on the skin and bring down the mood. Premium skincare brand Phytomone targets menopausal skin with its range of super-powerful skincare solutions that are jam-packed full of natural, skin-loving in luxurious packaging. So, if you know someone who is peri-menopausal, going through menopause or post-menopause, these are the perfect gift ideas to help boost skin confidence.
From left to right: Phytomone Sleepless Nights Calming Face Oil with Phytonol £68, Phytomone Pause Hydra Creme with Cosmetic CRT £128, Mood Swings Balancing Oil with Phytonol £48.

For those who like to mask
Masking has gained much popularity throughout lockdown. Whether it’s a face mask, hair mask, or foot and hand mask, give a self-care gift that will make them feel truly pampered from head-to-toe.

From left to right: Holy Grail Hibiscus and Pomegranate Detoxifying Kaolin Clay Mask £16.99, 72 Hair Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask £24.99, Skin Research by SkinChemists Pro-Collagen Replenishing Hand Mask £79.90, Skin Research by SkinChemists Regenerating Foot Mask £79.90, Skin Research by SkinChemists Pro Hyaluronic Acid Mask £90.

For glow-getters
Hands up if you love a radiant and glowing complexion! Who doesn’t? The wonder ingredient to look out for is ‘Vitamin C’ which will help someone you know to get their best-ever skin. Plus, why not treat yourself, after all, it is Christmas.

From left to right: Skin Research by SkinChemists Vitamin C Serum £89, Skin Research by SkinChemists Vitamin C Oil £89.

For haircare lovers
It’s always a good day when your hair goes right and the haircare range by 72 Hair has the best solutions to suit every hair type. Whether it’s beating the frizz, improving hair texture and hair health, or getting the sleekest, smoothest finish, 72 Hair products are hair heroes you simply ‘can’t live without’.

From left to right: 72 Hair Intensive Replenishing Mask £24.99, 72 Hair Nourishing Collection £44.97, 72 Hair Nourishing Shampoo £14.99.

For those who like an effective multi-tasker
Some of us like a skincare routine with products that do more than one thing. Holy Grail Beauty is a multitasking, minimalist skincare range made from natural ingredients and science to deliver maximum results at affordable prices.

From left to right: 5-in-1 Rejuvenating facial Serum £29.99, Retinol Repair Creme £23.99, Calming Chamomile Skin Cleanser £12.99

Award-winning ideas
When it comes to buying beauty products as a gift, then look to the ones that are recognised in the beauty industry. These ones have won or been highly recommended by Harpers Bazaar Beauty Awards, Shortlist Beauty Awards and Hair Awards so you know that they’ll be a winning gift idea this Christmas.

From left to right: Gaylia Kristensen Deluxe Firming Cream £169, Skin Research by SkinChemists Pro-Collagen Facial Serum £99, 72 Hair Intensive Replenishing Mask £24.99

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