Pause Hydra Creme with Cosmetic CRT


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Essential for mature skin. Redensifies. Firms. Lifts
It has long been scientifically proven that the effects oestrogen has on skin health are immeasurable. Without this vital hormone, skin rapidly deteriorates. Phytomone’s breakthrough Cosmetic CRT™ science augments naturally derived phytoestrogens with nutrient-dense moisturising agents, encapsulated in an advanced lipo delivery system. Pause Hydra Creme is the powerful result of this impressive innovation. With Pause Hydra Creme you will be pushing the boundaries of moisturising capabilities and securing the future of your skin health.
The formidable Pause Hydra Creme with Cosmetic CRT offers an exquisite moment of indulgence every day, as this magical elixir glides effortlessly and smoothly over your skin. Leaving it feeling wonderfully soft. Housed in an exquisite Italian glass bottle. Dispenses in a precise measured amount from the advanced airless pump system. Depress once or twice and gently smooth over cleansed face, neck and décolletage.


COSMETIC CRT™ (Collagen Reconstruction Technology) DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE In our pursuit to develop the most advanced moisturiser for mature skin, Phytomone reveals the unique power of Cosmetic CRT™, to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance and recapture that timeless radiant glow. Pause Hydra Creme goes beyond what was previously achievable – A restorative cream/serum hybrid that offers a unique element of sheer indulgence paired with the most cutting-edge skincare technology. With Pause Hydra Creme you will be pushing the boundaries of moisturising capabilities and securing the future of your skin. Discover the power of Cosmetic CRT™ *100% safe & natural. Derived from phytoestrogens that do not affect hormone levels within the body.



1 review for Pause Hydra Creme with Cosmetic CRT

  1. Charlotte

    Pause Hydra Creme is a beautiful Cream-Serum hybrid which is a true joy to use.
    This incredible skincare treat has the most beautiful and texture and aroma. Each application transports me into a relaxing, indulgent spa! This amazing skincare treat feels decadent whilst being a multifunctional workhorse. I’ve been using it day and night with only a cleanser and SPF in my skincare routine. It’s delicate enough to use around the eye area and is perfect in every way.
    After only two weeks of use, my skin looks softer, plumper and more rested.
    I love the science behind Pause Hydra Creme and the whole brand, it makes sense and is so positive. I will definitely be repurchasing! Highly recommended!

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