Mood Swings Balancing Oil with Phytonol


Essential for mature skin. Rehydrates. Protects. Restores

Set the scene with calming music and incense burning. Apply this decadent oil to the body after showering or bathing. For best results apply while skin is slightly damp to enhance moisture retention.


Phytomone believes your body deserves the same indulgent, regenerating skincare as your face.

Our master blender has created this most desirable body oil, enriched with an intoxicating 21 natural bio-active oils and exquisite essential oils. All chosen specifically to deeply nourish your body and blissfully calm your soul, as the indulging aromas of rose, vanilla & pink pepper dance deliciously on your skin.

As with all of our beauty oils, Mood Swings Balancing Body Oil is enhanced with the power of Phytonol™, to deeply nourish, rejuvenate and add a burst of energy to tired skin cells.

A formula rich in natural bio-active oils to leave skin Rehydrated, protected and restore.

Restores and maintains moisture.

Attenuates roughness, dryness and uneven skin texture

Helps increase firmness and density.



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