• Lockdown Hair.
    Here’s mine and no make up gulp! I haven’t used a hair dryer in 7 weeks. Just Kerastase Resistance Therapiste Serum and Tony & Guy Curl Cream to hold the…

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    • Great recommendations and lovely pic!! I really love the twirling tip – thanks for sharing xx
    • HAND CREAMS!!!!!!
      Looking for recommendations for Hand Creams – my hands with the current multiple multiple times a day handwashing and sanitising are like pieces of dried up paper – I’ve been using Elemis Hand Cream but hands are still so rough.

      • I hear ya!! Everyone is stripping their hands of essential oils as we’re having to wash more- but get the balance right! I suggest – washing with soap and only use hand s…

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    • Hey, thanks for sharing, may give it a try if I can find in Canada!!!
      • BEAUTY & BEYOND – A different kind of Cleanse…

        My holistic approach to cleansing is a tad different, I live with intention and use it every chance I get…

        For i…

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      • Let’s talk cleansing products, from my early dalliances with makeup when my main priority was to just get It all off at the end of the day using anything even butter…

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      • Beauty buy of the week ‘Born to Glow’ by NYX – believe the hype, at £10.00 this purse friendly foundation is blowing its premium rivals off the shelves. Tip for…

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      • Ah ha, now I know how come my “older” sister looks so good! I am in on the secret – thanks for sharing. xo
        • BEAUTY & BEYOND – WHY PURIFY – We pick up energy like a magnet; good & bad vibrations affect us. Set yourself free and reclaim your personal power, you deserve to live…

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        • Jacqui posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

          I just found out that Aveda has discontinued its Light Elements hair serum. Can anyone recommend a good one? Aveda was my fave. Used it every day. I have the frizziest hair in the world! I’m looking for mid-priced and lightweight but still effective (the heavy ones are too greasy). Thanks!

          • Hi Jacqui

            I totally feel your pain when it comes to frizz! I recommend 2 options:
            1) MIx a hair mask with your conditioner to give it double smoothing action.
            2) Check out the Redken Frizz Dismiss range – Redken are winning in the hair front these days. Good luck and let me know what you think – mwha!

          • Beauty Bitch posted an update 5 months ago

            Any men suffering from dry skin… top tip…
            Add some #Kheilsmidnightrecoveryoil to your daily moisturiser and feel that beaten feeling slide away 🕺🏼👌🏻💅🏻

            • Hi @beautybitch, I love @kiehls and #MidnightRecoveryOil really is a skincare saviour. Dry skin is a beauty-mare especially this time of year. I also love, love the…

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            • My cover image is from the Christian Dior Exhibition in Paris in 2017 and shows my first ever perfume from 1975 Miss Dior. Back then it came in a houndstooth check box, the design of which which went through to the bottle. The houndstooth check was a signature design of Christian Dior since the late ‘40’s. It inspired a string of purchases by…[Read more]