Lockdown Beauty Tips with Celebrity MUA, Rebecca Restrepo


⁣So a few years ago I met the lovely and incredibly talented, beautiful and funny Rebecca Restrepo.

Rebeccaa and I met 6 years ago at an Elizabeth Arden event. You know that thing when you just click? Well, that happened and ⁣fast forward to today we’re still friends. Rebecca lives in New York and is MUA to an impressive portfolio of celebrities and has created many red carpet looks.

In a recent Instagram Live, I caught up with Rebecca to talk find out about how to get a fresh ‘Lockdown Makeup Look’ in just a few easy steps, what Microdosing is all about and why you should apply makeup straight after your makeup for best results.

Watch the video below

Products mentioned in video are by CANMAKE & Elizabeth Arden

Watch our for more tips and tricks from myself and Rebecca #beautyduo


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  1. Helen Gosling 4 months ago

    Really enjoyed the last Instagram with Rebecca. She’s a real inspiration and full of beauty tips and cheats.

    • Author
      Sarah 4 months ago

      So glad you liked it @helzbelz – Rebecca really is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things beauty.

      Would love to hear your tips and product recommendations too x


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