Join the PRO AGE Movement by Grace Fodor, founder of Studio10 Beauty and let’s stamp out ageism together

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I am so excited to tell you about the amazing and revolutionary PRO AGE Movement by Grace Fodor, founder of Studio10 Beauty that has been taking social media by storm over the last few months.

When Grace Fodor hit her mid-40s, she found herself labelled ‘middle-aged’.

I was surrounded by outdated stereotypes that didn’t reflect how I felt or the way I lived my life. This is what it boils down to: the negative rhetoric used by mainstream media and anti-ageing ads with poor representation of older women, send a clear message – in order for women to stay socially relevant, we must look young.’

A recent study of 2,000 women revealed that by the time they reached the age of 51, many believed they had become invisible. Only 15% of these women felt they had high or very high confidence in any area of their life, and 46% thought no one understood or addressed women and ageing.

That’s why Grace wants you to join our PRO AGE movement to challenge society’s outdated stereotypes – and perhaps even our own. They only serve to diminish our worth, value and confidence. It’s time to reframe the misguided narrative in our society that only youth can be relevant, of value and beautiful. Ageism MUST be stamped out.

True beauty is ageless – our achievements and experiences have real value. Together, we must bang the drum for how much we count, step forward confidently. Celebrate and own our age – wear it proudly so that no matter what we never allow anyone to consider us invisible.

‘It’s about time we started owning our years. Let’s unite to create a voice that will change how we talk, think and feel about ageing.’

Become part of the Beauty That Comes With Age exhibition and help to spread the message. All you need to do is take a picture of yourself bearing your age with a positive description of how you feel.  Bold, beautiful, strong, courageous, proud of it, loving my age – the choices are endless!

Then post it across your social media TAGGING your friends. Here’s some copy and hashtags to use with your photo:

Let’s change the face of ageing, reframe the misguided notion that only youth can be beautiful and stamp out ageism once and for all. It’s our time to be seen and our time to be heard – so help me celebrate our age and wear it proudly so that no matter what, we never allow anyone to consider us invisible again.

#beautythatcomeswithage  #ageismisoldnews  #PROAGE

The photos will be exhibited on Istagram @studio10beauty and Facebook as and across all our social media and gallery. Don’t forget to use the hashtags so they can see them! Together, united, we can change the face of ageing one be-YOU-tiful  face at a time.

Take a look at the wonderful women that have already participated including myself celebrities including Andrea McLean and Michelle Collins as well as some PRO AGE influencers.

Check out the Beauty That Comes With Age Exhibition here


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