Beauty community interview with Wizz Selvey, founder of Wizz&Co, a brand & retail consultancy

Wizz Selvey

Since setting up my online beauty community website I have been honoured to connect with so many amazing and inspirational women and Wizz Selvey is one of those.

Wizz is the founder of Wizz&Co, a luxury brand and retail consultancy that offers specialist advice to help them to increase sales, drive engagement and gain customer loyalty.

I caught up with Wizz to find out how she started her hugely successful business and since we love all things beauty, we find out which products Wizz ‘can’t live without’.

[Sarah Sian] How did you get into beauty?
[Wizz Selvey] I worked at Selfridges for 12 years in buying, I bought for many categories over the years including fashion, accessories and beauty. I ended up heading up the beauty Buying team and loved the category. It’s so fast-paced and dynamic. 

[SS] Tell us a bit about the WIZZ&CO brand – how did you get started?
After trying my hand as Sales Director for a beauty and interior brands I missed the variety of working with different brands. At Selfridges, I managed around 500 brands from large corporates to indie brands and services. I saw most of their strategies and worked with them to create a point of difference for the Selfridges customer and unique customer experience. Helping the brands stand out in what is a very competitive shopping environment. 

[SS] What advice would you give to someone who is thinking/starting to set up their own business?
[WS] Network within your industry as much as possible, ask lots of questions and invest in a business coach. Having someone to support you and help develop your ideas is so valuable. 

[SS] How do maintain a work/life balance?
Great question and it’s a journey I’m on. I love the beauty and retail industry so often work doesn’t feel like a job but I got to the point of burn out as I couldn’t switch my mind off. I was even dreaming about work and coming up with solutions and new ideas in my sleep. It became too much so I’ve put a lot of new things in place: coaching, yoga, journaling, more breaks in the day, more planning and business strategy so working on the things that align to my goals and trying to take the pressure off myself a little by setting realistic goals and targets.

[SS] How has lockdown been for you personally and work-wise?
Personally it was an opportunity to stop rushing around London which I needed, I have reflected and learnt a lot about myself. Work-wise there’s been lots of change, I’ve had the opportunity to create the online retail course for brands I’ve been meaning to do for a long time plus some new clients. I also held masterclasses to support the industry through the uncertainty too which was a great way to connect with people. 

[SS] What do you think the future of beauty retailing is?
Customer experience whether it’s through digital experience with a human input or retail theatre once physical spaces start to become more trusted. Ultimately it’s about creating an emotive connection with the customer, education them and talking to them in their language. 

[SS] What are your make up must-haves?
Guerlain maxi lash mascara, By Terry Desillis Concealer, Kjaer Weis Blush and never without Skinceuticals Mineral Radiance SPF50 as my tinted base. 

[SS] What are your skincare saviours?
Hyaluronic acid- I’ve tried a lot and love Medik8, Cerave Moisturiser and a Facial Oil. I’m currently using and loving Clockface Beauty. I’m still to find my favourite eye cream… My Light Salon LED Mask is also my best friend.

[SS] Complete the sentence… a woman is her most confident when?…. [WS] She listens to her intuition and leads with her soul. Something I’ve discovered quite recently thanks to my amazing coach Poppy Delbridge. Check her out! 

For more information on what WIZZ&CO can offer you please see contact details below.

(I) LinkedIn: WIZZ&CO
(T) @wizzandco 
(P): WIZZ&CO Twitter: 


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