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Here at the beautyagenteurs we are dedicated to celebrating and supporting women at any age. So when one of America’s most popular social media influencers, Samantha of
@stung_by_samantha agreed to be featured on the blog, I was overwhelmed because here is someone that reflects everything I wanted to create for my own brand – age positive role models.

Samantha set up her social channels including youtube and Instagram at 45 years young with the aim of inspiring and empowering followers/viewers that anything is possible regardless of age. Five years later,
@stung_by_samantha has 15K followers on Instagram, 12.3K subscribers on youtube and a plethora of collaborations including being an Ambassador for the #SephoraSquad at the age of 50 that helps her to advocate her empowering message to shut down stereotypes for over 50s through her own love of beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle. With her stunning good looks and an infectious smile, Samantha really does shun stereotypes and boy does she do it well, we’re talking you how to overline the lips, fake french plaits and do a smokey eye along with quick and easy fitness regimes and discovering fashion must-haves in shops like Forever 21 – things that some people might deem to be inappropriate after a certain age. Samantha literally throws out the rule book at such ridiculous claims, laughs in the face of adversity and gets you totally hooked with her empowering features and truly infectious smile.

Here’s how it all started…

[Sarah Sian] What inspired you to start your hugely successful social channels?
[Stung by Samantha] I wanted to start a YouTube channel for years but was scared and worried about what my family or friends would think of me.  I knew that I wanted to show my daughter that anything was possible, so at 45 I decided to push my fears aside and go for my dreams! My daughter is my biggest supporter and biggest fan! She motivates me to make content that will empower woman and bring them happiness and joy!

[SS] What have been your highlights?
[SbS] Becoming a member of the Sephora Squad at age 50!  Getting DM’s and messages from mature woman all over the world telling me how I have helped them feel sexy, strong and empowered in their 40’s and 50’s and throughout Menopause.

[SS] What advice would you give to women over 40 to make them feel beauty confident? 
[SbS] You are beautiful and sexy just the way you are. Learn to stop judging yourself and start accepting and respecting your body as is, including those lines and wrinkles as you have EARNED them. Never talk negatively about yourself.  Don’t compare yourself to other women. Stand tall and proud, laugh often, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

[SS] There is a myth that after a certain age you can’t wear certain clothes or wear glitter eyeshadow. What do you think of these so-called ‘rules’?
[SbS] I think they are ridiculous. I will never listen to anyone that says I need to act or look a certain way. I do what makes me happy and what makes me feel beautiful. 

[SS] What are your favourite beauty products and why?
I love Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serums for brightening and moisturizing the skin. Exfoliation is a MUST. I also cannot live without a good moisturizer, and a glowy setting spray. I am a makeup junkie and won’t leave the house without concealer, bronzer, my brows done, nude lipstick and highlighter! Doing my makeup in the morning is my favorite part of the day. I find it to be the ultimate form of self-care. 

[SS] Do you have any insider beauty tips?
Beauty shines from the inside out, so be grateful for all that you have, stay curious about the world and things around you. Find the joy and happiness in the little things. 

[SS] What is your lockdown look?
Makeup every day, with a lighter foundation or skin tint. Jeans, sweatshirt, hair styled or curled and I take the extra time to do a home manicure.

[SS] What is your lockdown skincare routine?
My skincare routine hasn’t changed too much other than I am using more retinol (as I don’t go out as much and need to worry about sun exposure) and more luxury skincare items like face masks to pamper myself.  

[SS] Complete the sentence…A woman is her most confident when…
[SbS] She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her and feels powerful and sexy in her own skin.💕

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