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Super excited to be featuring Meri Frischman, founder of and @pro.age.woman

Based in New York, Meri uses both her website and Instagram to celebrate and champion women over 50 by providing positive quotes, daily fashion tips, lifestyle ideas and advocating the anti-anti-ageing movement that breaks down ageist stereotypes for ‘midlife & beyond’ women.

In an exclusive interview, we find out what inspired Meri to create this hugely successful community platform along with some insider beauty tips and tricks.

[Sarah Sian] Can you introduce yourself…
[Meri Frischman] I’m Meri Frischman and I’m the founder of

[SS] What inspired you to start your hugely successful social channels?
[MF] I began my Instagram page and blog shortly after I completed my six-month treatment for lymphoma. I remember thinking “what life lesson can I take away from what I had gone through”? I needed to find something positive from the debilitating year I had had. I needed to make a shift. Since I had always believed women can achieve more when joining together, I started to build the Pro-Age Global Community for women over 50.

[SS] What have been your highlights?
[MF] That’s an easy question to answer. It’s the fabulous women that I have met and the friendships I have made throughout the world. That’s the beauty of social media!

[SS] What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business?
[MF] Start with your true passion as the foundation and keep building upon that. I have pivoted many times during this two year endeavor. Listen to your gut feelings as much as possible. Also, connect with others. Work as a team. It’s beneficial and more fun. 

[SS] What advice would you give to women over 40 to make them feel beauty confident?
[MF] Find your, makeup or hair. You’ll shine brightly if your outside reflects what’s inside you. Don’t be afraid.. be YOU.

[SS] What are your favourite beauty products and why?
[MF] Well, I don’t have great skin..sun spots, some wrinkles around my eyes (no Botox or fillers) so right now I’m loving Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Foundation which has just enough coverage with a little bit of a gloss. I also use a contouring bronzer (no specific one) to lift my face and give it definition. I’m best with a hypoallergenic mascara so I mostly use Neutrogena Mascara

[SS] What is your skincare routine?
I’ve gotten older (68), and since I have very sensitive skin, I have to be careful with products. I found Pause Well-Age and it works for me. They are made for women from menopause to whenever. 

[SS] What is your ultimate ‘can’t live without’ beauty product?
I think my ‘can’t live without’ is contouring products. Also, a highlighter on my cheeks seems to make a difference since it brings attention up to that area. My face seems to be falling by the minute!!

[SS] Complete the sentence…A woman is her most confident when…
She is doing what she is meant to do. When she shines from the inside out. When she “owns” who she is and finds HER style. There’s nothing that shows confidence more than that!



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