Beauty interview with Lori Machiorlette, Co-founder & President of @blendSMART, blending foundation and skincare brush

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If you follow me on @instagram you’ll know that I have recently come across @blendSMART, an award-winning beauty blending brush that is a real game-changer by giving me better skincare and makeup results.

The tool is a rotating brush that spins at a 190RPM and here’s why I and so many women and celebrities across the globe including Oprah Winfrey love it:
* The fast spinning action massages your face and stimulates blood flow so it’s like having a mini facial from home.
* Helps to penetrate your skincare products deeper into the skin for more effective results.
* It’s more hygienic as you don’t keep dipping into products with your fingertips.
* Foundation and concealer are blended seamlessly into the skin with a professional streak-free finish.
* It literally cuts down your makeup application routine by half.

After being wowed by this wonder-product, I wanted to find out more so caught up with the fabulous Co-founder & President of blendSMART, Lori Machiorelette for an interview.

[Sarah Sian] Can you introduce yourself?

[Lori Machiorlette] Hi fellow beauty lovers, I am Lori Machiorelette and I’m the Co-Founder & President of blendSMART

[SS] What inspired you to create your brand?

[LM] Actually, the inspiration came to us. A former model and makeup artist was suffering from a wrist injury and realised that there wasn’t a product in the market that could effectively simulate the spinning motion endorsed by the pros. She came to us with a great prototype and a real need. I immediately loved the idea, especially as a woman who struggled her whole life to apply makeup well. blendSMART gave me the confidence that I had been lacking and thought I couldn’t be the only one who struggled with their beauty routine.

[SS] How long did it take to perfect the product?

[LM] We worked with engineers, makeup artists and designers for nearly 3 years.

[SS] There are many challenges to starting a business, what did you do to stay motivated?

[LM] Being a serial entrepreneur gives you thick skin and prepares you for challenges. I stay motivated by an African adage, “you can go fast alone, but far together.” So, when I face challenges or moments of being overwhelmed, I turn to my team and together we problem-solve. For me, teamwork builds a can-do attitude, compared to the heavy burden of doing it alone.

[SS] After recent COVID-19 what do think the future of retailing is?

[LM] That’s a great question and clearly digital will continue to grow. But, we had a great experience with a discovery retailer named, b8ta and I think this model that offers real-time data, product testing in-store, before purchase, will help transform traditional retail.

[SS] How do you maintain a work/life balance as a busy entrepreneur and mother on-the-go?

[LM] I’m thankful that my children are all adults, because I don’t think I have achieved a healthy work/life balance. I did download the CALM app and do try to walk between 2-3 miles a day, but beauty is competitive and consistently evolving and staying ahead of news and innovation isn’t easy. For me, the COVID-19 crisis has slowed my world down and provided more perspective, as so many people are suffering greatly.

[SS] What is your ultimate skincare routine and favourite products?

[LM] I’m a big believer in regular facials and after that I swear by my vitamin C serums and a good moisturiser. I’m not the most loyal skincare user and love to try lots of different products.

[SS] What are your favourite make up must-haves and why?

[LM] Of course, blendSMART!! But, remember I’m the poster child for makeup for dummies so I have about 5 things in my bag: IT Cosmetics CC cream, concealer, eye liner, mascara, and a nude lipstick that usually is near its end. My routine is about 3 minutes.

[SS] Complete the sentence… a woman is her most confident when…..?

[LM] This might sound ridiculous, but a woman who smiles emits confidence and beauty. For me personally, when I start my day with a huge smile and positive attitude everything seems to go better. Not to say it’s easy to do that every day, but I work at it.

Shop blendSmart.
For UK orders shop at Revolve

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