Interview with…Gaylia Kristensen, founder of her own luxury, spa-inspired skincare range


So when I was setting up my online well-being/self-care shop during lockdown I wanted to hand-pick brands that help you feel beauty confident, deliver highly effective results and have a great back story as to how the brand was created.

From left to right: EYE LIFT Intensive Eye Serum & SILK Luxury Hand Treatment

One of those brands is Australian spa brand Gaylia Kristensen that has received many prestigious awards all over the world and recently they’ve already had a busy year. The EYE LÌFT Intensive Eye Serum was awarded The Beauty Bible Award 2020 and was also a finalist in the Best Eye Serum category for The Beauty Shortlist Awards. Over at the Beauty Shortlist Awards, the Gaylia Kristensen SÌLK Luxury Hand Treatment won the award for Best Luxury Hand Cream.

So what makes Gaylia Kristensen products so desirable? I caught up with founder Gaylia to find out more.

[Sarah Sian] Can you just introduce yourself…
[Gaylia Kristensen] My name is Gaylia Kristensen, I’m originally from Australia, I’m 68 years young and the CEO/Founder of Gaylia Kristensen spa-inspired skincare products.

[SS] What inspired you to start the brand? 
[GK] The ‘light bulb’ moment happened when I returned to Australia after living in Europe. I found the climate was ageing my skin so quickly. The Australian climate is so much harsher than in Europe. We have seriously hot summers, and then icy cold, wet, windy winters in Melbourne. It’s like a rollercoaster ride. It is so extreme and so damaging to the skin. It’s the best climate in the world for skin ageing! So, we need the best anti-ageing products on earth.

I also have super sensitive skin, so I went looking for some natural skincare products that would give me fantastic anti-ageing results, without all the harsh chemicals most brands use. My skin can’t tolerate any Retinols (Vitamin A), highly concentrated Vitamin C, or any alcohol, acids or enzymes. They give me terrible allergic reactions. So, I went looking for a skincare range that was naturally derived, gentle on my sensitive skin, and gave me phenomenal results! One that was powerful enough to give me a natural alternative to BOTOX® and cosmetic surgery, and all the other harsh cosmetic treatments. 

Bottom line is I couldn’t find one, and here we are today! We are pioneers in the amazing new world of Natural Molecular Cosmetics.

[SS] What makes your brand different from others on the market? 
[GK] We use the latest generation of state-of-the-art, naturally derived, molecular polypeptide and protein technologies and combine them with some incredible age-defying Australian Native Botanicals like Kakadu Plum, Quandong and Wild Rosella, that are super rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants that the skin needs. 

Peptides are brilliant. They are derived from plant proteins and are the only active natural ingredients that our Chemists have found, give clinical proven results for increasing collagen and elastin production and maintaining it. The results that our plant-based peptide technologies can achieve are unparalleled, and we use each technology at the highest maximum percentage, to guarantee the results. 

[SS] What type of customer is your brand aimed at? 
[GK] Our clients are extremely discerning. They are looking for the best of the best. They are highly educated and know their product ingredients. They are looking for natural, sustainable products that give them brilliant results and are willing to invest in them. They understand that good skincare is about good health, and their daily skincare ritual is an important part of their wellness regime.  

[SS] If someone is new to your brand, what products would you recommend and why? 
[GK] As a busy businesswoman myself (wife, mother and grandmother) I decided to make our skincare routine very quick, simple and easy. I want everything I need in just one jar! 

So after cleansing with GENTLE and toning with HEAVEN, all you need is 3 products.

  1. EYE LIFT Intensive Eye Serum
  2. UTOPIA The Ultimate Facial Serum
  3. DREAM or DELUXE Cream 

The secret is to use these products religiously twice a day, morning and night. The natural peptide and protein technologies must be used twice a day to work. Commit to doing this and you will start to see results in 10 – 30 days. Remember skincare is not an instant fix, but a long-term solution. The longer you use these technologies, the better your skin will be. Lines and wrinkles will visibly disappear, and the skin will tighten and firm. But you must be patient! The upside is that you won’t need any injections or surgery.

[SS] Can you give us a rundown of your ultimate skincare routine – day and night? 
[GK] Daily Skincare Routine – morning and night.
For skin between 20-40 years:
GENTLE Orange Blossom Cleanser
HEAVEN Hydrating Facial Mist
EYE LIFT Intensive Eye Serum
UTOPIA Facial Serum
DREAM Anti-Ageing Cream

For skin between 40+ years:
GENTLE Orange Blossom Cleanser
HEAVEN Hydrating Facial Mist
EYE LIFT Intensive Eye Serum
UTOPIA Facial Serum
DELUXE Firming Cream

Treatment products for everyone:
VELVET Facial Polish should be used 2-3 times a week in the shower to exfoliate and prepare your skin for absorbing our high-tech serums.
PASSION Treatment Oil is used to give your skin an extra moisture boost. It repairs dry skin overnight while you sleep. It’s also a superb body oil. You can use it anywhere on your body; face, neck, arms, hands and feet. 

[SS] What insider skincare tips can you give to people in their
20’s, 30’s, 40’s & over 50’s. Do you have to look at different ingredients, formulations etc. How many products do you need to use? 
This is a great question for us because we have designed our range to specifically cater to all of the skin’s Life Stages.
20-30 years: STOP lines and wrinkles
You should start using anti-ageing products in your 20’s because at 25 years, collagen and elastin production starts to decline, so this is when you must begin a serious skincare routine. The first signs of ageing are fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, so a brilliant EYE Serum is essential, along with a cream that will help prevent all the visible signs of ageing and stop any damage from pollution and photo-ageing. You must also get into the habit of cleansing your skin properly, day and night (no excuses!) so the cleansing products, plus EYE LIFT and DREAM Cream are perfect. Prevention is key.

[SS] 30-40 years: Add a Powerful FACIAL SERUM
[GK] Life is seriously busy at this age, but don’t forget your skin! This is when you need to add a powerful Facial Serum like UTOPIA to your skincare routine. Using a high-tech Facial Serum morning and night underneath your cream will transform your skin. UTOPIA goes to work at a deep cellular level to give you a Non-Surgical Face Lift. The secret is now a quick and simple 1,2,3… EYE LIFT, UTOPIA, DREAM…after cleansing morning and night.

40-50 years: Swap to DELUXE Cream
Over 40 years, your skin needs serious lifting and firming, so use DELUXE Firming Cream, instead of DREAM. It has 7 incredibly powerful peptide and protein technologies that will dramatically lift, tighten and firm the skin, helping to reverse the all visible signs of ageing. The result is fantastic, younger, firmer skin. 

50+ years: Add PASSION Oil
Over 50 years, the skin becomes dry, thin and dehydrated. It needs PASSION Oil. PASSION will rehydrate, regenerate and renew your skin. Apply PASSION at night, after your Serums, or mix 2 pumps of PASSION with your DELUXE Cream for a super-rich, super-powerful emollient. You will get your youthful glow back! 

[SS] Can you run us through a spa-like treatment / facial that you can easily do at home using your products?
[GK] We have some wonderful Luxury Home Spa Treatments you can easily do yourself. Treat yourself to an ANTI-STRESS & RELAXATION FACIAL, A HOT TOWEL THERAPY for your hair, or a SILK LUXURY HAND TREATMENT at home. You will feel amazing!

[SS] In the summer we tend to wear less makeup so need to ensure our skin is in its best condition – what insider tips can you share to get a radiant complexion for the season ahead.
[GK] Keep up the serious skincare routine and apply an appropriate sunscreen on top daily. A high factor sunscreen is essential in the summer months. We would never leave the house without one in Australia. In the winter, a good sunscreen in a liquid foundation is enough, but in the summer, you need to take extra care. Keep out of the sun! It is the single most damaging cause of skin ageing. And when in the sun protect yourself properly with the right clothes, hat and sunscreen. It’s important.

[SS] What are the benefits of using face oils? 
Facial oils are highly effective for rehydrating dry skin. But you must be careful to only use them at night, especially in the summer. You don’t want to ‘fry’ your skin in the sun!  We use a luxurious combination of 5 Australian Organic Oils and Vitamin E in our exquisite PASSION Treatment Oil. I call it our natural miracle. It completely transforms dry skin.
Australian Rose Hip Oil: for deep skin hydration, regeneration and anti-wrinkle properties.                                                                                             
Australian Macadamia Oil: rebalances dryness and protects against moisture loss.                          
Australian Sweet Almond Oil: is a rich protective oil with excellent moisturising properties.              
Australian Avocado Oil: is a super-rich oil containing beneficial fatty acids to nurture dry, sun-damaged skin. Rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamins A, D and E it comforts delicate or sensitive skin.                                   
Australian Olive Oil: promotes a smooth, radiant complexion and helps maintain skin elasticity.          
Vitamin E: an anti-ageing ‘miracle’, Vitamin E is the major naturally occurring anti-oxidant that helps protect the skin from photo-ageing and pollution.

It is interesting to note that there is a huge difference in the quality of essential oils. It all depends on the number of times the natural raw ingredient has been pressed, and if the oil is mixed with a cheaper carrier oil. We only use the most effective and expensive pure, first cold-pressed oils. There is a massive difference in price and a massive difference in performance, between the two.

[SS] If someone is looking for lightweight skincare products which ones would you recommend? 
[GK] With the exception of our rich, luxurious PASSION Oil, all of our products are lightweight. Because they have a very small molecular structure, they disappear deep into the skins cellular levels and don’t leave any heavy greasy residue, which everyone loves! Particularly if you are normally travelling a lot or living in a warmer climate. They are super light, super-powerful, super-effective hero products. We find many European creams and serums are far too rich, heavy and oily. They just sit on the surface of the skin and stay there. Our creams are light and fluffy and completely disappear. They feel very different from other brands. The skin is left feeling light and tight.

Complete the sentence… ‘A woman is at her most confident when…?’ 
A woman is at her most confident when she loves and values the way she looks and feels.  When you look 10 years younger, you feel fantastic! You can conquer the world! My mission is to give you that awe-inspiring confidence, that makes dreams come true. You can stay young naturally.


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