Beauty community interview with Cathy O’Connor, fashion stylist, and broadcaster

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I love strong, independent, outspoken inspirational women so was super-excited when renowned fashion stylist and broadcaster Cathy O’Connor agreed to do an interview for the website.

Cathy has been a driving force in the fashion industry for years now and was recently the face of Vision Express urging people to get their eyes tested after their 40’s as part of a self-care message. Not only is Cathy effortlessly beautiful and have a fantastic dress sense but she exudes a certain type of confidence that I admire as she shows women everywhere how to be confident and fabulous at any age.

So, let’s find out more about this fashion and beauty icon.

[Sarah Sian] Can you tell us your full name and title?
[Cathy O’Connor]
Cathy O Connor, Fashion Stylist 

[SS] How did you get into Styling?
Through the best possible path .. passion!

[SS] What have been your biggest highlights? 
I’ve had lots of great moments, for lots of different reasons but it’s the people I’ve worked with that continue to make the difference. I love makeovers and personal shopping and generally work with women who tend to be critical of themselves and therefore,  not appreciate their best qualities. After a styling session, they get their mojo back and regain confidence.  It’s such a joy to be part of that transformation.

[SS] What advice can you give to anyone wanting to go into styling?  
It’s a great area to work in but it’s hard to earn a decent living, so I’d advise a financial backup plan. Unfortunately, the word stylist has lost meaning as there are so many people who claim the title without the expertise.  There’s room for everyone out there and all the better when the approach is an honest one. 

[SS] How would you describe your style?
I think of style as a wonderful form of self-expression, of individuality.  I like interesting pieces that allow for creating something a little different. All too often, the message is that you should look like someone else, that how you look isn’t good enough. I’m all for being the best version of yourself, rather than a diluted version of a stranger. 

[SS] What is your lock down look? Do you prefer casuals or do you dress up?  
Dress up? I can barely remember what that is. Am definitely in casuals at the moment and am really looking forward to more reasons to dress up.

[SS] There is a myth that after a certain age you can’t wear certain clothes or wear glitter eyeshadow. What do you think of these so-called ‘rules’?
I really resist the notion of rules when it comes to style. One of the greatest things you can have in your wardrobe is attitude. Own your own style.

[SS] What are your favourite beauty products and why? 
I have a fairly simple skincare routine when it comes to products, which is all about great ingredients.  A Skinceuticals cleanser, an Image moisturiser, SPF from Clarins and I’m good to go!  My fave body care is Green Angel body oil, Neom body oil or Nuxe body oil. Yep, it’s all about body oils!  My haircare is looked after by the Alterna range, great quality ingredients. 

[SS] Do you have any insider beauty tips?
I know it’s a cliche, but I believe that beauty really does come from within. It’s all about the inner glow that becomes the outer glow.  Whatever your favourite form of relaxation or fun pays off in terms of beauty. Laughter, nature, good people make the difference for me.

[SS] Complete the sentence…A woman is her most confident when…
] …she’s being herself. 

Photo credit: Brian McEvoy 


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