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I’m pleased to announce that coveted makeup brand Studio10 Beauty is now available to buy online.

This incredible PRO AGE makeup brand has been specially created for mature skin. Founded by Grace Fodor, an inspirational PRO AGE Warrior that has won my heart with her dedication to challenging outdated stereotypes that come with age and her multi-tasking makeup range that enhances your natural beauty. Each product has been meticulously designed to give you the best makeup results with ease and confidence.

Since trying the capsule range of products, it has become my go-to makeup brand and I certainly have a few favourites including the Plumping Blush Glow-plexion Liquid Blusher in a gorgeous peach shade that instantly lifts the skin and adds radiance and the Age Reverse Perfecting Lip Liner, a dual-ended pencil that makes lips look fuller without the need for fillers (also a firm favourite of Lisa Armstrong, Fashion Director & Beauty Writer at The Daily Telegraph).

I caught up with Grace to find out more…

[Sarah Sian] Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
[Grace Fodor]
I am a mother, Beauty Expert, PRO AGE Warrior and founder of Studio10 makeup. I’m super passionate about redefining beauty for women as they age, and redefining age.

What motivated you to set up Studio 10 Makeup?
[GF] When I hit my late 40s, I found myself labelled as ‘middle-aged’ and surrounded by negative stereotypes that didn’t reflect how I lived my life. I didn’t feel represented in adverts for the brands that were meant to be communicating with me. I was just inundated with ‘anti-ageing’ messages.

I also realised many mainstream make-up products weren’t designed for mature skin. 

I had a background in branding and marketing and co-founded my own agency where I worked with celebrity make-up artist Jemma Kidd on her Make-Up School range for Boots.

So I thought, ‘Why not create my own range — an independent beauty brand that’s pro-age rather than anti-ageing’.’ Beauty has no age limit.

[SS] What are your top makeup tips for menopausal skin?
[GF] The menopause can be a challenging time for women, with many lacking confidence and feeling invisible, unattractive and undervalued. Looking good on the outside can give us the confidence boost we need to feel good on the inside, and makeup is a great tool to create a look that can give us this sense of confidence. However, as with ageing, the menopause brings with it certain changes to our skin, so here are some great tips I have learned along the way to help tackle the common skin problems associated with this stage of life.

Mature and post-menopausal skin tends to be drier as it becomes less able to absorb moisture. Adding a primer after you’ve moisturised will even the texture of your skin, helping to smooth fine lines and enlarged pores, while also locking in moisture.

Makeup sticks to the primers we use making it longer lasting, so this is something I recommend as part of a makeup routine for mature skins. Our Youth Lift Glow-plexion is amazing, giving a natural radiance and boost to your skin, as well as containing the moisture magnet Hyaluronic Acid and a binding agent to keep your makeup long-lasting. You can use this under your makeup, but it can also be mixed with foundation or a tinted moisturiser, used on top of your makeup as a highlighter, or mixed with body lotion for an all-over glow.    

A common side effect of the menopause is hot flushes so this is where waterproof makeup is your friend! The formulas for waterproof makeup are far more sophisticated now and give us foundation, mascara and eyeliners that will stay in place all day. Bobbi Brown’s Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation not only contains SPF15, it also has great lasting power. I designed our Liquid Foil I-Radiance and double-ended I-Lift Longwear Liner to be smudge, draft and tear-proof.

Alternatively, a good setting spray can help to keep your makeup in place, and blotting papers, such as Shiseido Oil-Control Blotting Papers are easy to keep in your bag to freshen up on the go. Avoid powders like blushers on mature skin as they can dehydrate your complexion, and pigmented powders can collect in your natural creases.

A liquid blush is a better option as it doesn’t sit on the skin and can be easily blended and buffed for a smooth finish. Our bestselling Plumping blush Glow-plexion is your ultimate wake-up makeup – an ultra-light, universally flattering skin pick-me-up and rouge, containing peach-gold tones for instant skin brightening and lit-from-within radiance.

Switching to a lipstain or liquid lipstick can also prolong your look. I recommend Laura Mercier’s Velour. It doesn’t dry out your lips and gives great colour coverage. A good lip liner is also key as our lips become thinner and begin to lose their fullness with age. Our double-ended Age Reverse Perfecting Lipliner mimics the colour of your lips to look ultra-natural and with a ‘halo’ nude tone to highlight, lift and plump.

Rosacea can be triggered by menopause. A light wash of a green colour corrector applied to your face before your base and foundation can go a long way to tone down any redness on your skin. Our Age Defy Skin Perfector Palette includes a feather-light formula green colour concealer packed with antioxidant-rich, strengthening and firming actives. I recommend applying any makeup using brushes so that you don’t transfer oil from your fingers to your face and it can help to keep your temperature down, especially if you are having a hot flush.

Lastly, I recommend a cooling spray to keep in your bag. Not only can they refresh your skin to keep it hydrated, they can be applied over makeup on the go. I love Meg’s Menopause Rosey Rain Facial Cooling Spray.

Experiencing the menopause doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you love – it’s about finding the right things that work for you to help bring your shining confidence back.

[SS] What is your can’t live without makeup product?
[GF] I actually have two. I know this one’s your favourite too Sarah, the Plumping Blush Glow-plexion Liquid Blusher in a radiance-boosting peach shade is our best-selling product.  It’s a complexion pick-me-up and I always say peach is a girl’s best friend.  I love the colour peach for blush.  The reason is it’s universal and really works across the broadest skin types, but peach is also a very clever colour.  It has an orange undertone which you find also in bronzers so the shade adds warmth to the skin and because peach also has a pinkness to it, it brightens the complexion. I’ve also added light-reflecting pearls.  Highlighters and luminisers all use light-reflecting pearls.  The difference is I’ve used a pearl with a gold undertone whereas a lot of highlighters tend to be silver, which is why they’re quite strobey.  I don’t want that look on my skin as I don’t think it’s natural and I want natural highlights.  The product is a liquid so once again the texture works better on drier, ageing skin.  The other thing is, when you blend it into the skin, you can buff it as it’s liquid, you can still see the pores and the texture of the skin so it looks like your own skin.  

My second favourite is the Age Repair Perfect Canvas SPF30 Foundation.  A lot of middle-aged women use tinted moisturisers or mineral foundations because they want a little bit of coverage without having anything heavy or cakey.  The problem is both of those do not give you coverage.  If you’ve got redness coming through, tinted moisturiser is not going to cover it, it’s a veil. As you age you need more coverage. You’re going to need to start using concealers and colour correctors as well, and I thought no, I want a foundation that is a medium to even full coverage so it covers everything I need it to cover: redness, age spots, pigmentation, dark circles.  The key thing about it is the coverage.

Our foundation is almost like a liquid foundation in the convenience of a compact. It doesn’t sit on top of the skin so it looks like your skin but better.  And that is why I use a lot of crème and liquid products.  I’m not a big fan of powder as it can look dry on the skin, and at a stage where our skin is much drier as we’re losing hydration it’s not a great idea.

Our foundation gives you coverage but is so creamy on the skin and very slightly dewy so that it gives the skin a lift. I also put SPF30 in it so it’s really designed to give mature skin amazing benefits. Because it’s got such good coverage and is ultra-light and creamy, it doesn’t sit in fine lines and you don’t have to worry about concealer.  My foundation is brilliant – all over the face and neck and over the eyelids that evens out the tone perfectly.

[SS] Which skincare products do you recommend to complement your makeup?
[GF] I think it’s more to do with how you look after your skin rather than actual products. 

Unfortunately, as we age our skin begins to lack radiance and becomes duller over the years – but achieving luminous-looking skin doesn’t have to be difficult. Adding a few simple changes to your skincare and makeup routine can result in beautiful, glowing skin from head to toe!

1. Adding hyaluronic acid into your skincare (and makeup) routine is one of the easiest ways to achieve glowing skin. Our skin actually produces its own hyaluronic acid, but as we age and the more exposed we are to pollutants and the sun, the levels we produce decrease. By applying it topically we can help deliver hydration where our skin needs it most. Incredibly, it can retain over 1000 times its weight in water, which is exactly how it packs such a powerful hydrating punch when it comes to helping skin cells stay plump, smooth, strong and ultimately youthful. 

2. Removing the build-up of dead skin cells, dehydration and day-to-day grime can also be the answer to radiant skin, revealing brighter and more even-textured skin underneath. Adding a liquid exfoliator can help to eliminate this dull skin and make way for clean and healthy new skin.

3. You may also want to consider introducing Vitamin C into your beauty routine – it really is a hero product for mature skin! It’s an antioxidant so it helps to protect your skin against environmental aggressors, as well as reducing hyperpigmentation, the appearance of dark circles and boosting collagen production.

4. Finally, a good night’s sleep is also key to a glowing complexion. However, if like me a full eight hours seems to elude you, there are other ways you can create the illusion of a glowing complexion.

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