Beauty community interview with Vanessa Cooper, head of training at Filorga skincare

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As you know I am a huge fan of Filorga Skincare but don’t just take my word for it, hear it from the experts. I caught up with the lovely Vanessa Cooper from the brand to talk about all things Filorga and find out some insider tips and tricks to get your best-ever skin.

[Sarah Sian] Could you introduce yourself…?
[Vanessa Cooper] I’m Vanessa Cooper and I am head of training/education for Filorga UK.

[SS] What made you go I came into the beauty industry and skincare in particular?
[VC] I have always been interested in skincare and makeup from a very young age, my Grandmother worked in a pharmacist and I have very fond memories of playing with boxes of testers of makeup and face creams that she would have when I visited her. That comforting memory has never left me.

[SS] Why did you choose Filorga?
[VC] I was using their products long before I joined them…it was a complete love affair! This isn’t just a job, I am truly passionate about the products because they really are effective.

[SS] What advice would you give to women in their 40’s to make them feel beauty confident?
[VC] Having always loved everything beauty I developed my deep love of skincare in my thirties, I think that’s when you really start to notice the telltale signs of changes to your skin and by the time I was in my forties I fully understood the need to be my skins best friend and listen to what my skin was asking for rather than just apply ‘well-marketed products’…best advice I ever gave myself…get a really good honest skincare consultation with an experienced skincare expert and use the products that give your skin the prevention and results you need….if your skin looks and feels good your confidence just glows inside and out.

[SS] Talk us through the ageing process
[VC] So many things can affect how we age, environment, nutrition, hormones and genetics. We are all unique and will age differently,  your skin is the story of your life I don’t believe there is a ‘mainstream’ of the ageing process, to me its more about how we look after our ‘whole self’ and everything we do has an effect and our skin mirrors that.

You can never start too young looking after your skin and the importance of educating ourselves on what’s best for our skin.

The best preventative is hydration, hydrated skin means plump skin and plump skin is a more youthful complexion and the best product I have ever used for hydration is Filorga’s Hydra Hyal, slowly releasing the highest grade hyaluronic acid delivered deep into the skin for 24-hour hydration, smoothes fine lines and plumps up the skin….all skin needs this!

[SS] What are your favourite beauty products and why?
This is an easy one for me and its Filorga all the way, they have over 40 years experience in aesthetics worldwide, Filorga has a unique delivery system that takes their incredible anti-ageing formula deep into the skin slowly releasing over 50 active ingredients as if you’ve had an injection….my favourite and I say my ‘desert island’ product is Filorga’s Time Filler Eyes, its an amazing correcting eye cream that lifts, firms and fills wrinkles and you use it over the entire eye area including your lashes and brows, it conditions your lashes as well as boosting growth.  Filorga’s Meso Mask is next on my list, this luxurious creamy mask makes your skin look as if you have had Mesotherapy Injections, again thinking about Filorga’s unique delivery system this mask infuses your skin with their NCEF formula of all those wonderful vitamins, minerals and amino acids to nourish, hydrate, plump and brighten your skin…In love! Filorga’s NCEF Intense is my mainstay for my daily moisturiser along with the NCEF Night Mask, from theses two products I have the equivalent of a Meso Injection and a nighttime treatment which gives my skin the same nourishment as having eight hours blissful sleep!

[SS] Do you have any insider beauty tips?
[VC] Oh yes I do! Masks are so important for giving us not only some valuable ‘me time’ but for complete skin nourishment…my favourite tip that I share with everyone is to take Filorga’s Meso Mask and mix it with a few drops of Filorga’s NCEF Essence…..massage in and enjoy for at least 20 minutes, take off with some warm water and a facecloth….you can see the phenomenal results…glowing radiant smooth hydrated skin…

[SS] What is your ultimate skincare routine?
My ultimate skincare routine is always about giving myself a little bit of luxury within time and products.  I start with cleansing, something I’m very passionate about and I am a ‘double cleanser’, I remove my makeup with Filorga’s Micellaire Water, it removes makeup so easily, it’s great for sensitive skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties and is ophthalmologically tested, for my eye make up I use Filorga’s Optim Eyes Lotion, this is really impressive as it removes waterproof mascara so easily and gently, a serum hydrates the eye area for twelve hours and it has a lash and brow conditioner.  To finish off my luxury cleanse I wash my face with Filorga’s Foaming Face Wash, its such a light creamy luxury texture, then a few drops of Filorga’s NCEF Essence massaged into my skin making it ready to receive my Filorga NCEF Serum and NCEF Reverse Moisturiser.

[SS] What skincare products would you recommend for your 20’s 30’s 40’s 50+
I truly believe that age is an invisible number, it’s our skin that tells the story, I recommend products for skin that’s showing the story of ‘right now’ and Filorga’s range of products does exactly that, for younger skin, there is a wonderful Oxygen Glow range, Anti Ageing correcting formulas for mature skin include the Iconic Time Filler Range and the Lifting Range to name but a few….completely results-driven preventative and correcting.  

Complete the sentence…A woman is her most confident when…
She understands her amazing value.

Join Vanessa and I on Weds 8 July at 6pm and run through all things Filorga. Post your skincare questions in comments below so I can put to Vanessa.


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