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Here @thebeautyagenteurs we know that finding your perfect skincare solution can be overwhelming – too many products to choose from, the formulas and ingredients can be mind-boggling and you don’t know which product to use when…well help is at hand. We have two incredible skincare experts who can advise you on all things skincare.

Jane Atherton- founder of Phytomone Skincare & Menopause Expert

Jane, is our resident expert in skincare pre, during and post-menopause. Jane ran her own menopause lifestyle clinic for many years and apart from diet, nutrition, exercise and self-care advice she talked to women about their declining skin health as they went through the various stages of menopause.

Jane’s previous experience in the beauty industry and training in hormone health gave me the knowledge and insight into why skin ages so dramatically during the menopause transition. She also found that regular anti-ageing products, although were somewhat effective, only ever offered limited results to hormone-deficient skin. As a result, Jane went on a mission to find a better, more effective formulation and her brand Phytomone was born.

Peter Howard Sherlock – Skincare Expert & Shopping TV Presenter

Peter has been a wonderfully varied career in beauty. He started as a buyer/presenter on a Shopping Channel for beauty, and has his own range of fragrances that have sold many thousands of bottles. He also works as a freelance business consultant for various amazing brands, and also give talks on fragrances across the world. Beauty is his utter passion.

Peter is currently the beauty expert on TJC and is also the co-founder of Liquilift, a natural solution to getting lifted, firmer skin and dubbed as ‘botox-in-a-jar’ by Beauty Editors.

If you’d like a 1-2-1 consultation with one/both of our resident experts, please email and tell us about your skincare concerns, skin type and what you’re looking for? Give as much detail as possible.

We can do either a phone, zoom or facetime consultation.

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    Sarah 3 weeks ago

    If you want a skincare consultation with Jane Atherton, Menopause skincare expert or Peter Sherlock, skincare guru – email to arrange xx


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