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One of my favourite skincare brands is Murad and has been since around 2014 when I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Murad himself.

Murad is the first Doctor skincare brand and realised the impact of diet, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional health on the overall condition skin. Using his insights as a dermatologist Murad created his skincare range at the age of 50 in 1989. Since its inception, Murad is now over 30 years old and one of THE most respected brands in the industry – loved by its customers, Beauty Editors, celebrities, and physicians. 

I caught up with Peter Sherlock, TV Presenter to talk about all things Murad, Peter reviewed the Retinol Youth Renewal range. Here’s a few things you need to know about Retinol.

Retinol increases collagen production, targets fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, evens out the skin tone and can also treat acne. The best time to apply Retinol is at night as exposure to the light and sun makes this potent ingredient less effective.

I was super excited to try the newest launches from Murad, the Vita-C Gylcolic Brightening Serum and Vita-C Dark Circle Corrector along with the City Skin Age Defense SPF 50, a true skincare saviour.

Here’s a few things about the importance of the Vitamin C ingredients used in these products.

The Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum is powered with three types of vitamin C:

  • Gold stabilised Pure L’asorbic acid is a more potent way of delivering vitamin C to the skin and has 55% higher antioxidant defence than traditional Vitamin C. Plus, it’s  a great form of Vitamin C for the day as it has the ability to neutralise free radicals. 
  • Gluta-thi-one works in synergy with your skin to boost the levels of Vitamin C so skin looks brighter. 
  • Tetrahexyldexyl ascorbate (my favourite form of Vitamin C) is the most powerful Vitamin C but is gentle on the skin and has even been proven to calm redness and irritation.  It penetrates deeper into the skin as it’s an oil soluble s passes deeper into the skin’s epidermis for better results.  It also boosts collagen products so skin looks plumper and it’s a stable ingredient which means it lasts longer. 

The Vita-C Eyes Dark Colour Corrector has a subtle shimmer, it’s a pale gold lightweight serum that brightens up the appearance of the under-eye area immediately thanks to vitamin C but and to the light-reflecting micro-minerals that offers immediate brightening benefits.

What’s clever about this formula is that it not only brightens but it colour corrects dark circles of all tones, whether they are blue/purple (from visible blood vessels), brown (due to pigmentation and sun damage) or red due to inflammation or allergies. All bases are covered. It also has algae and kelp extracts which targets puffiness

To complete the routine is use the City Skin Age Defense with SPF 50, an ultra light 100% mineral sunscreen that shields against UVA, UVB, Infrared radiation, pollution and blue light from your devices which is a must.  It also contains Vitamin C to help reveal a luminous glow, colour correcting tint to even out the skintone and boost radiance and Argan Oil and Vitamin E for extra skin nourishment.

Plus, it doesn’t leave that awful ashy-like finish like most SPF50 formulas, it blends in beautifully. 

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