Beauty community interview with model Ava Fay Thompson


This week’s interview is with over 40s model Ava Fay Thompson and what an inspiration she is. We connected over Instagram and just love her happy, positive vibes. Once lockdown is over and we get back to some sort of normality, Ava is one of those people you could sit for hours with and have an afternoon or evening filled with pure joy and lots of laughter. Here’s to you Ava and your truly infectious personality.

Let’s delve straight in and find out more about the lovely Ava including some of the challenges she’s faced being in her career and her skincare and makeup routines along with favourite product recommendations.

[Sarah Sian] Can you tell us your name and a bit about your career?
[Ava Fay Thompson] My name is Ava Fay.  I have been a full-time model for two years.

[SS] How has the modelling industry changed?
[AFT] I think the model industry has changed a lot because it accepted me for one! However, I have been trying to get an agent for many years to represent me as a model but I could only get an agent to represent me as a “real person” which basically means not good enough to be a model but takes alright pictures and could possibly be an actor.  

[SS] Have you experienced ‘Ageism’ in the modelling industry?
[AFT] I have received all sorts of “isms” Ageism being one of them but predominantly for not being old enough or old enough looking. As I am a classic model which basically means a model who is over the age of 40. However, I have been told that I don’t look old enough to fit that category.

[SS] Tell us about your skincare routine and any favourite product recommendations.
[AVTF] My skincare routine is very simple and very basic and very quick. I think I’m very lazy when it comes to looking after my skin so I like something that’s easy. It’s called soap and water! So I basically wash my face and then I moisturise simple as that! My new favourite moisturising product is the Pause Hydra Creme by Phytomone. I only came across this product by entering a competition ran by you, the beauty agenteurs! I ended up winning the competition and receiving a free bottle and I love it so use this every morning and it basically says what it does gives your skin a really hydrating drink. I get to try a lot of moisturising products with my job and I must say I think I’ll be sticking with Phytomone.

At night before I go to bed I use the Beauty & the Beast bio-active skincare Face Oil by Rosalena which smells absolutely divine and I rub it into my face, and back of my neck before bed. I like supporting small businesses and the girls at Rosalena are just wonderful human beings and their products are divine go check them out! 

[SS] Has your skincare routine changed during lockdown?
[AFT] I would say my routine has slightly changed since lockdown and since doing my job as a model, I shockingly use less makeup. First of all, I thought there’s no point in wearing any makeup as you can’t go anywhere and then there’s the issue of having to wear a mask so you can’t really see if you’re wearing make-up anyway.

Plus I do a lot of skincare campaigns where I’m used to seeing my face now with no makeup on which is actually really nice because I think a lot of women get used to our faces with make-up on and are mortified to go out the house without makeup so it’s quite nice to not feel that way anymore and to accept my face for as it is with or without makeup! Don’t get me wrong…I love makeup. I have a room in my house designated to make up!! I try and use predominantly vegan products because I don’t like the thought of cruelty to animals for vanity reasons. 

[SS] What are your favourite makeup product recommendations?
[AFT] I love Hourglass cosmetics and Charlotte Tilbury makeup. I also use an Italian brand called Mumi cosmetics. I’m also their brand face positive ambassador which was a campaign that doesn’t discriminate against any “isms!” 

[SS] There are so many stereotypes like you can’t wear glitter eyeshadow after a ‘certain age’ – what do think of these so-called rules?
I’m a total rule breaker! Rules are there to be broken! There shouldn’t be any silly rules saying you “shouldn’t wear” you “can’t wear” “don’t do” when you’re a certain age or you’re a certain look or you’ve got a certain skin colour. It is ridiculous that is what I think of that. Wear what you want, when you want, how you want. Apart from see-through leggings with short tops. I don’t care what size you are from 0 to 30!! Please do not wear see-through Leggins without covering up your fufu and butt with a long top.

[SS] Complete the sentence… a woman is her most confident when…?
[AFT] When she totally accepts herself for who she is today, not who she will be tomorrow. 



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