Beauty community interview with midlife motivator Kristen Joy Coffield


What a great way to kick start the New Year with an inspirational and motivational interview with Kristen Joy Coffield, founder of the Culinary Cure website and She is It Facebook page, both dedicated to helping women over 50 live their best ever life.

I caught up with Kristen to find out how it all started, believe me this interview will boost your mind, body and soul…

[Sarah Sian] What is your full name/title
[Kristen Joy Coffield]
 My name is Kristen Joy Coffield and I’m the founder of ‘the culinary cure‘ website and recently I have set up the She Is It Facebook page, a community-led page where women over 50 can connect and share their life experiences.

[SS] I am a huge fan of both. How did it all start?
[KJC] As women we spend a tremendous amount of time being all things to all people, giving and doing; often in ways that neglect our own emotional and physical needs. One day we wake up and find ourselves depleted and burned out — struggling with brain fog, restless sleep, weight gain, lack of energy, mood swings and wondering where the joy went. I know because I have been there.

I endured a decade of soul-sucking stress that left me a husk of my former self. It felt like everything that could go wrong did. I sold my catering company In Good Taster, My mother passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. Two years later, my father died from Alzheimer’s disease. There were ongoing financial and emotional challenges in my marriage that created a constant undercurrent of stress. The last kid went off to college, bittersweet and heart wrenching, and then my beloved dog died. A year later I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

My once vibrant, busy life turned into days of going through the motions. I was drinking too much coffee and wine, and not enough water and green tea. There were too many carbs and sugars and not enough vegetables and hours at the gym. Sleep was non-existent. Stress was omnipresent.

One day I literally “woke up” and decided I had had enough. There were things within my control; little, every-day things that could impact me positively and create momentum. I didn’t just want to feel better, I wanted to BE better — truly alive, connected to my life and crazy passionate about every day.

I focused on the power of food to heal my body, I paid attention to how my thoughts influenced my feelings and relationships. I was careful to spend time with people who were positive and supportive. Exercise became non-negotiable and I made a very conscious decision to let go of things that were blocking the flow of happiness and abundance in my life. I used my years of owning an event planning and catering company to create a website for women looking to take back their lives and “feel more like themselves again.” This was the start of

It also led to me writing The Culinary Cure book that is to be released on amazon 5 January 2021. I wanted to create a book that everyone could use to turn what’s on the end of their fork into a superpower. Most women are frustrated with how they look. Food and habits play a big part in that. In my book How Healthy People Eat: An Eaters Guide To Healthy Habits, I provide a foundation for taking back your body one bite at a time. How we look starts inside, it’s actually pretty simple when you have a plan. Putting health first means a healthy weight, gorgeous skin, good sleep, less stress, and more energy happen naturally.

Years of busy living takes a toll. Our routines become everyone else’s to-do lists, and we lose touch with the physical, emotional, and spiritual self with whom we identify most. We have been the super fixers, magic makers, cheerleaders and team builders for everyone – but ourselves. I literally sold my business to raise my family and then lost me in the process.

Midlife is a time to recalibrate, turn our energy and passion around and embrace the possibilities that exist for us in the years ahead. It’s our turn, and now is the time to snatch midlife from the jaws of mediocrity. By making a commitment to positive change, and aligning our actions with our big picture goals everything becomes possible. My goal is to help other women align their actions with their intentions to make the years over 40 amazing! It all starts with food. Through social media I met Meri & Mel and the 3 of us had so much in common that we decided to create a space to continue the conversation and invite other women to join us. It’s been amazing. That was the beginning of She Is It. We love supporting other women and the idea of creating a place to share what we are all doing personally and professionally.

[SS] How do you maintain a work/life balance? 
[KJC] I am so excited by what I am doing that I actually spend time working most days. But it doesn’t feel like work, because I love what I do!

[SS] COVID has been very challenging for all of us, what advice can you give to people to stay positive? 
[KJC] Just make each day good. Living in the past can feel depressing. Looking to the future can fill us with anxiety. When we focus on the tasks at hand, do what we can today, we realise we are ok. We are living more in the present, and that feels pretty good. Each day is such a gift!

[SS] What is your skincare routine and favourite skincare recommendations. Any top tips? 
[KJC] Be consistent! Like with diet and exercise. I use a gentle cream cleanser, great eye cream and always use sunblock. I worked for Tina Alster MD, a top cosmetic dermatologist for 3.5 years. My biggest takeaway is prevent sun damage! Wear sunblock and wear blue light blockers when you are on screen time. Preventing damage is easier than trying to repair it.

[SS] Has your skincare routine changed over lockdown?
More “at-home” time means less makeup most days. I do a swish with the bronzer and a little mascara and that’s good for most days. I do however have a guilty pleasure. I love soaking in a hot tub with a good book or magazine. I love using essential oils in my tub. Lavender is calming, citrus can boost my mood, there is even a blend called serenity that I use when I am feeling stressed out. You can read more about the oils I use at Sometimes I even really get naughty and sip some of the natural wines I am obsessed with during my soak.

[SS] Tell us about your favourite makeup products and makeup tips? 
I love Chantecaille as a brand. They use a lot of natural ingredients, which resonates with my brand at The Culinary Cure. They have a high-def bronzer and powder that I love. People always say my skin looks great and I think these powers illuminate without looking too matte on mature skin.

[SS] There are so many stereotypes like you can’t wear glitter eyeshadow after a ‘certain age’ – what do think of these so-called rules? 
Less is more as we age. Too much makeup is aging. I live some light sparkle in the cheek and brow. I just know what seems to look good on me and stick with that.

[SS] Complete the sentence… a woman is her most confident when……? 
[KJC] She is happy in the skin she is in! I truly believe beauty begins from within and when we are healthy and taking care of ourselves it shows. We really can eat well to be well. We really can age like we want to when we take back the power on the end of our fork.

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