Beauty community interview with Amanda Ramsay, over 40’s Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert


Even though I’m in the beauty industry when I hit 40 I realised quickly that I had to switch up my makeup for more effective formulas and learn new makeup techniques so that foundation didn’t sit into fine lines, lips looked fuller and plumper and my complexion more radiant.

Makeup in your 40s, 50s, 60, and beyond doesn’t need to be difficult – in fact, it’s really easy when you know-how. In my quest to bring you makup hacks, I connected with the amazing Amanda Ramsay, an award-winning makeup artist that specialises in revealing all her insider tips and tricks for women over 40.

Quick & easy 5 minute makeup look for everyday

With over 18 years industry experience Amanda delivers easy-to-implement, doable, wearable, makeup tips and recommends products that work for and flatter mature skin while amplifying your look.

Plus, like myself, Amanda is passionate about the pro-age movement – where say a big fat no to anti-ageing, challenge outdated stereotypes, and see ageing as being a privilege.

‘I am all about helping women over 40 refresh their look and remain visible and rock on through the inevitable process of ageing. I am an expert in makeup for women over 40, and an age-positive crusader who wants to sprinkle ‘girl power’ and empower all women to look good, feel fabulous at every age. After all, beauty has no expiry date’, says Amanda.

Over the last 18 years, Amanda has collaborated with some of Australia’s best creatives and celebrity faces in the fashion, film, TV and commercial advertising industries. Awarded by the Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific (MAGAP) 2020 Makeup Vlogger of the Year, Australian Makeup Artist of the Year (Finalist), Makeup Educator of the year (Finalist), and 2018 Queensland Makeup Artist of the Year, Amanda is making waves in the beauty industry, flying the flag for women over 40.

Her professional career started while working for advertising agencies in Sydney and London. It was whilst on a shoot in London that she had
her light bulb moment. ‘The makeup artist definitely had the best job’. So in 2003, after qualifying as a makeup artist in London, she landed back in Sydney to work as a first assistant on a Jet music video and life has never been the same.

At 48 years-young mother of two ‘little scoundrels’ (her words not mine) William and Charlie. Her life is wild, woolly and super busy. She wears magic pants and sensible (but sparkly) shoes. Surrounded by makeup and beauty products is her happy place.

Amanda is also an advocate for women making cleaner beauty choices. She is passionate about educating and empowering women in 100% natural, low-toxic beauty products that are effective while nurturing your skin – and caring for your health.

Get glam-ready in just 10 minutes

She loves sharing her industry insider knowledge from behind-the-scenes on shoots with women over 40. It makes her heart sing. ‘It is such a gift to work with women and I get a kick out of the joy a little makeup- know-how can bring,’ says Amanda.

Check out some of her how-to videos on youtube or connect with her on Social Media. Trust me, Amanda’s infectious personality will have you hooked.
Facebook @amandaramsaymakeup
INSTAGRAM @amandaramsaymakeup

Plus, another great way to get the full-on Amanda Ramsay Makeup experience is with her Members Only Makeup Masterclass Series: The Shine Sessions specifically for women over 40, with over 25 video tutorials that take you step-by-step from confusion to confidence. Click here for upcoming dates and more information.


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